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Seamus lies on a tire suspended above his body, which is then covered in clothespins. Seamus can feel the clothespins press against his chest, face and balls before Van happily slaps them with his trusted crop. Seamus is already feeling the pinch on his now numb body. Seamus has been bound with new restraints and is now dangling upside-down. Seamus feels VanA’s nine-tail cat. Seamus feels the bite from VanA’s cat of nine tails. After some pain relief and zapper torture, Seamus is convinced that the worst has passed. Van promised to put a dildo into SeamusA’s little hole. But Seamus soon finds his stomach being stretched by the Bad Dragon Dildo and is relentlessly pounded by high pressure water from the nearby firehose. Van then covers Seamus’ face with a pillowcase before repeatedly dousing Seamus in high pressure water. Seamus is then able to feel the double pain as the clothespins are quickly removed and blasted with water. Seamus’ only relief comes from the opportunity to shoot his cum across the floor.

From: 30minutesoftorment
Date: July 21, 2022
Category: Gay

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