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In the 3rd episode of the Slag Angels, Queen Sheeva (Natassia Dreams) contributes to the clubhouse to warn Phoenix (Lena Kelly) and Paloma (Natalie Mars) that the Feds are hot on their trail. Paloma informs the group around Tom (Pierce Paris), an undercover FBI agent asking too many questions. Tom claims he would like to become an fuckboy of those Slag Angels. Dolly (Shiri Allwood) is a new recruit who has to prove herself by how she handles Tom. When she places her eyes she gasps. Paloma joins Dolly turns sucking Toms cock. Phoenix and Queen Sheeva rub confront to on their titties in Toms. Hes about to come, and theres some moment for Queen Sheeva to call a halt to the action. Tom isnt cumming, not yet. Down to his knees, Tom is surrounded by Slag Angel cock. Sheeva orders him out of one cock to the next. The Angels jam their cocks in Toms confront hole. Sheeva needs that they worship their asses. She shoves Toms encounter Dollys ass, then Paloma, then Phoenix, and back again. Lick her ass! His head is yanked into and fro–he cant keep tabs on which hole his tongue is more rimming. Unaware that his cover has been blown, Tom permits himself to be tied up. Queen Sheeva desires Paloma rides Toms rock hard cock Dolly to take notes. Its Dollys turn to shoot Toms huge cock and she also takes it whilst Sheeva smothers Toms confront her ass and pulls his mouth. Phoenix and Paloma additionally take their flip face fucking and sitting Toms confront. After Dolly has proven herself its time to Tom. Queen Sheeva turns him over doggy style and confront fucks him while Dolly fucks his buttocks. Paloma takes her turn, her huge cock thumping Toms virgin hole. Phoenix gets her flip, while Palomas large ass smothers his face fucking the fuck bitch. “How does that tiny ass taste?” The Queen asks. His initiation has started. On his back, head ass up in the air while teams double him with a dick-on-a-stick. Final test is to fist poor Toms abused hole. Stretching that ass beyond anything poor Tom could imagine. The real difference is if he still feels the sting of Phoenixs harvest against his throat that is tender. Thoroughly fucked and humiliated, butt was plundered by its time for Queen Sheeva. Tom gets drilled hard and deep by his Queen. Now the women are prepared. Tom must kneel until the Angels while his face is glazed by them with their majestic tons of cum. However, its not over for Tom. He knows a great deal. The Slag Angels will keep him fuckboy. It will be a brutal and lonely life. His holes are utilized for the Queens pleasure He’ll learn to be grateful.

From: Terapatrick.com
Date: May 22, 2020
Actors: Tera Patrick
Category: Shemale

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