Cutie Pie Yui Kawai –

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Im sat on the settee in my living room eating a delicious chocolate yoghurt! Im wearing my pink Care Bears t-shirta rara skirt, plus a gorgeous pair of socks that reach around my buttocks. On my cute little feet I’ve on my own white high top sneakers, and underneath my skirt Im closely strapped into a really moist ID Slip. The chocolate yoghurt tastes absolutely wonderful, and I spoon in each mouthful, but I understand I’m being a very naughty woman, since Mommy Amber has told me I’m not allowed to have one until I have eaten my own tea! However, I cant seem to stop thinking it, and besides, knowing that I shouldnt be eating it is making it even more pleasing! Halfway through, I hear the door open, and I immediately turn my back and try to finish the yoghurt with no caught. But its no use! Mommy Amber is overly seasoned and smart to fall for these tricks, and is onto me in a flash! She sits down next to me on the settee. She looks absolutely gorgeous in a hot floral dress which shows off her gorgeous long legs and her awesome torso, and an expensive pair of cream colored heels. She gives me a telling off for listening to her directions, and carries my bare yoghurt out of me. But my punishment doesnt stop there. She subsequently puts me over her knee and begins to spank my bum on top of my soggy ID Slip! I shut my eyes, and she makes me count down the stokes from ten. Despite being moist, the ID Slip is still quite fluffy, and so is cushioning the spanks a bit, although my bum is extremely sensitive, and I can feel every thrust keenly. But Mommy Amber doesnt quit, as well as starts to tickle me in between as well, which makes me wriggle and squirm even harder! All the same, theres a part of me that is discovering this strangely exciting and a little bit cheeky, but I dont mention this to Mommy Amber naturally! When she’s finished with me, she starts to feel sorry to be so stringent, and after using a few mouthfuls of this yoghurt herself, then she begins go feed me. When its gone, she also provides my ID Slip a rub over the crotch area, making an excellent rustling noise in the process! I have been forgiven, however Im sure it will be the last time that I misbehave;)

Date: September 11, 2020
Actors: Yui Kawai
Category: Fetish

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