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Dustin and Jay are ending their afternoon of work when we visit Dustin walk within the warehouse carrying a few rakes and shovels . He yells out the doorway for Jay to bring in the two shovels as well. After both are inside, Jay can tell since he’s been quiet throughout the day, something has been bothering Dustin all day. Dustin informs him that they’ve been in their own connection in a rut and he wants more experience. He tells Jay that he is just vanilla and suggests that they have sex right now in the warehouse. Jay is reluctant initially, but Dustin does not take no for an answer and he takes charge of Jay. He pulls down a mattress and sets it around the ground and starts kissing Jay. Shortly he compels Jay into his knees to suck on on his cock and rips open Jays shirt. Jay centered on how hard he is, it is obvious they are enjoying this and obliges. Dustin subsequently drops to his knees and sucks Jays cock for a while before putting on his back along with using Jay ride his cock like a genuine cowboy rides a buck. Dustin wants to truly change things up this time and informs Jay that he wishes to get fucked, although jay is a winner when it comes to riding Dustins cock. But he has Jay rim his ass. Jay starts to fuck Dustin slow at first and after that the intensity picks up once he’s nice and wet. Dustin flips on his back and Jay continues to fuck him until he can not hold Dustin and back explodes with cum. Jay pulls out and shoots his load all.

Date: November 10, 2019
Category: Gay porn

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