Bonnie’s Butt –

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Bonnie Day and O.T. are using a perfectly wonderful time playing together when she has to go and ruin everything. He only played with her body just a bit. Sure the nose hook was bothersome, however it wasn't painful. Well, not any more than she can manage. When he whipped her tits, she cried somewhat, but bitches are always greatest when they’re going to cry out their eyes. The second he left Bonnie independently, though, and to go for a cane she awakens another guy she sees to fuck her wanton pussy. He left her securely chained with her buttocks up in the atmosphere, ball gagged so she couldn't call out to anybody, but when Jack Hammer walks into the area she shakes her tight little ass at him and he also knows what she wants. It's not his fault. When O.T. comes back he is so mad he must go looking for a bigger cane. This woman is insatiable although she could have been satisfied with this. Jack Hammer comes back and now he is promptly seduced by her . She says she doesn't want to suck on his penis but once he sticks it she gobbles it down greedily. It earns her caning of a life while she reproduces the O.T.'s rule again and again during her gag. “I will not fuck anybody until I’m told to,” she screams between strokes. Hopefully she has taken the message.

Date: May 27, 2019
Actors: Bonnie Day / Jack Hammer / OT
Category: Bdsm

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