Adrian Hart Gets His Monster.. –


Adrian Hart, blindfolded and tightly tied is set for a great day on MOE. Micha Martinez teases AdrianA’s monster cock by teasing him with his hands and mouth sucking, stroking, and licking at the tip. Adrian laughs and longs to be a cumber, but it’s too early. As the day is just beginning, Micah gives Adrian a stiff cock and Sebastian stimulates Adrian’s nipples using suction cups. AdrianA’s big, lubed-up dick is lowered into a tight flesh light connected to a fifling-machine. It immediately moves back and forth, jacking him up to the edge repeatedly. Adrian asks Micah for help because he cannot get enough. Micah, Sebastian make Adrian gag with pain and tie him up so that his sex is exposed. AdrianA is sucked in tight by a dildo, while Micha spits out his large cock. Adrian loves every moment of it and longs to be able to cuss. But they make Adrian wait and stop him from doing so. AdrianA’s suspended Micah shoves AdrianA’s huge dick down his throat, sucking and drooling like a hungry animal. Sebastian then fucks it with a vibrating diildo. He wants to cum much, but he is still not ready. With arms and legs stretched wide, AdrianA feels his muscles contract and bulge as Micah vibrates his cock. Adrian cannot contain his excitement at Micah’s masterful handiwork and pleads with him to let Micah cum his hard-core cock so Adrian doesn’t have any more hot loads.

From: menonedge
Date: October 5, 2022
Category: Cumshot

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