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Rain DeGrey is unable to fall asleep tonight. The evening was spent on the couch with the uninteresting lump that she refers to as a husband, and it wasn’t satisfying. She went to bed angry because her book was less interesting than that of her husband. She has had erratic dreams. She drifts off in different settings with new tormentors every time. But some things don’t change. Her sexual pleasure is constantly sought after and she is often abused. She is tied down and locked in metal devices. They beat her and fill her with strange implements. Rain is a pussy hook and a fucking device, with a whole host of gags. She can’t keep track of all the things she has had. She is constantly in different places as the dream changes from one stage to another, and she doesn’t know how. In the nightmare she screams, while in bed she moans. She believes that strange men are touching her in her unconscious, but she actually touches herself. She wakes up scared and startled. He is still awake and she reaches for comfort. RealTimeBondage.com will continue to live through tomorrow.

From: infernalrestraints
Date: September 12, 2022
Category: Toys

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